Mcdonalds Menu Going Through a Positive Transformation

Just when you thought things couldn't get any better with their classic selections, the creators of the Mcdonalds menu appear to be looking forward to offering us a chance to enjoy their breakfast menu all day, every day!

This is already happening in some parts of the world and is a hit with their customers so it makes perfect sense to consider bringing the same philosophy to the United States and other world markets.

Of course, we all know the Mcdonalds menu breakfast prices are well beyond being reasonable and depending on what you order, just about or even healthier than many other fast food options. Take the egg mcmuffin, for example, along with a cup of delicious, hot coffee; it costs less than $3.50 in many markets and you are only consuming 325 calories. How about the hotcakes by themselves with just a little bit of syrup for under $2.00 and a measly 400 calories or the Fruit and Maple oatmeal for cheap for under $3.00 and only 290 calories?

This would be a big day indeed for my family! There are plenty of occasions where I take my clan to the nearest Cracker Barrel for a late night breakfast about 25 miles away because everyone's in the mood for breakfast at dinner time. What a great option it would be for us to simply walk three blocks, pick our favorite items from the Mcdonalds breakfast menu, and spend only one-third of the money! We can only hope they come through and offer breakfast around the clock.

Mcdonalds is also looking into offering healthier food for their customers due to the necessity dictated by the current and future market trends. People are sick and tired of the same old greasy options offered in fast food restaurants and my guess is that people are also tired of going to one of these restaurants in order to eat a salad because they are trying to remain healthy or follow a certain dietary need.

 In many other countries, you can order items from the Mcdonalds menu and have them delivered to your front door. The U.S. market is looking to expand their delivery services to increase the reach of more customers and Mcdonald's is currently testing out a few markets with the results looking rather promising. Another handful of improvements include offering customers a loyalty rewards card just like the ones in department stores in order to encourage repeat customers as well as a chance to pay through their smart phones. I have to hand it to these guys; they have always changed with the times and this latest series of improvements shows once again, the true visionaries they really are.

Why Mcdonalds Menu Prices Can't Be Beat!

Who else offers cheeseburgers for only $0.69 every wednesday and Sunday? It's a known fact that anyone suffering economically can probably get by just fine if they plan their food purchases exclusively through the Mcdonalds menu! Of course, that wouldn't make much sense unless you're really going though some unbelievably hard times but it's an indication of how inexpensive their menu really is. To make matters even better, people can easily get Mcdonalds coupons just about anywhere if they know where to look. There are plenty of printable coupons scattered all over the web and oftentimes, they send out new coupons through the mail.

Why are Chicken McNuggets So Popular?

If you ask 100 parents what their kids prefer out of the Mcdonalds menu, at least 50 of them will probably tell you it's the Mcnuggets. Those 6 piece Happy Meals have been a lifesaver for me on those nights when I haven't felt like cooking a meal for the family. The toys that come along with the meal also help a great deal and sometimes i think my little boy wants to go there, not for the food, but just to get his little playful hands on a surprise toy!

McDonalds Prices are a Godsend in the Morning

Mcdonalds Menu Prices for Breakfast are Indispensibly Inexpensive!

My kid wakes up every single morning starving! It's probably because after he does his homework, he's spends an inordinate amount of time playing the Nintendo Wii on the big screen TV downstairs. This means sometimes he'll nibble on his dinner only because he is anxious to go back and play super Mario Brothers! Anyway, each morning, he either likes to eat frozen waffles from Eggo brands, or he likes for me to run down to the corner McDonald's and grab him some hotcakes. Yes, he is really spoiled but I don't mind because I want the kid to go to school on a full stomach so he can be energized throughout the day.

That's something I don't mind because the McDonalds prices for hotcakes in my area is roughly $2.59 to $2.79. At the same time, I have to admit that I sometimes grab a big breakfast MD's has to offer and I end up paying less than five dollars to feed both of us. My older daughter doesn't really like Mickey Dee's all that much because she's trying to watch her figure and she's more into the oatmeal for breakfast and sandwiches for lunch.

When we take family trips together  it is so easy with these McDonalds prices to snatch up food for a family of four in the amount of less than $15. This is because I buy the hotcakes for my daughter and son (my daughter's going to have to live with that) at roughly $2.69 each, and I buy my wife and myself two Egg McMuffins and a cup of coffee.

I'll give you another example; when we go to Disney World we will eat breakfast at McDonalds and will also carry in a couple of sandwiches for later on in my wife's large carry-on bag. So with this, we take advantage two ways; the McDonalds prices are extremely cheap and by packing a lunch we save quite a bit of money at lunchtime while everybody else is eating all that fried and fatty stuff!

Also, when we are away on any kind of trip, I prefer treating the family to a decent meal at dinner time so it makes up for the frugality of not spending too much money throughout the morning and afternoon. We normally don't eat at Mickey Dees at night when we are on vacation just to change things up a little bit even though the Mcdonalds prices are probably something we should take advantage of. Either way, I must say my mornings are filled with Egg Mcmuffins and that good coffee any day of the week and I will continue to do so until some other restaurant can beat the taste and the actual great deal!